Light as a design statement

Pope in a nutshell

The oldest incandescent lighting company in the Netherlands? That’s Pope.

The company was founded in Venlo in 1889, by British engineer Frederic R. Pope. 

With one of the first light bulb factories in the Netherlands, Pope quickly becomes a key player in the field of incandescent lighting. 

The brand is further characterized by its development of light bulbs for specific needs, such as radio lamps.

128 years later, in 2017, we reintroduce Pope to the world. 

Like before, Pope will produce light sources for specific purposes, though this time in LED. 

The focus will be on bringing back light bulbs that have been taken out of production. 

Lamps that simply cannot disappear from today’s range of light sources.

High-quality products

The new Pope light bulbs are well-built, high-quality products: the highest color accuracy, state of the art LED filaments, excellent light color, the most responsive dimming technology, firm packaging and elegant contours.
We can only be satisfied with the very best.

Elegant finesse

Finesse and aesthetics are features we hold in high regard. All of our light bulbs are designed and manufactured with the highest possible precision and care. From the brass socket to the powder coated glass and from the color accurate filaments to the box: every last detail is carefully thought out.

Remarkable shapes

The Pope light bulbs are LED reproductions of classic light sources that were especially designed for design fixtures by Sciolari and Boulanger, among others. Their striking finish make them suitable for any open fixture, however. These lamps deserve to be seen.

Our products

The first light sources to be produced by Pope are the Cube and the Cylinder, formerly used in Sciolari and Boulanger design fixtures.

In this series, Pope brings together the classic design of these light bulbs with the efficiency of modern LED technology.


Pope lamps were originally designed for the fixtures of Sciolari, produced by the Belgian manufacturer S.A. Boulanger Belgique.

These renowned bulbs from the seventies have been taken out of production for some time. Today though, they are in increasingly high demand because of their characteristic design.

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