El Regal

Pope El Regal E27 LED lamp 4W

The Pope El Regal, a slightly tapered lamp, is back with the benefits of today’s LED technology. It is the official replacement for the Elroyal light bulb. Especially made for Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s special design fixtures.

In contrast to its predecessor El Regal is LED and dimmable. Therefore, it provides the same qualities at a fraction of the power usage and with significantly longer lifetime. Combined with its warm ambience light, opal glass and well-thought-out design this light source enhances the beauty of any open fixture it is compatible with.

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The design

White glass

The El Regal almost looks like it is made out of porcelain – perfect to match it to porcelain designer lighting fixtures.

Brass socket

Distinctive for the light sources from Pope is the usage of brass as material for the lamp socket. 

Made for design

Due to the slightly tapered shape this lamp is in a league of its own.


The El Regal visually extends the designs of Wilhelm Wagenfeld lighting fixtures.
In this regard, there is no other light source that achieves such a flawless finish as Pope’s El Regal.


The packaging of the lamp is based on the original Pope box. The main color is red, as a reference to the original logo.
The ocher yellow and turquoise were inspired by an authentic Pope signboard.


The grey foam is the best protection we can offer. Together with the sturdy cardboard, the foam makes sure your lamp is safely packed.


On the packaging, you can find the technical specifications of the lamp, as well as the history of the brand. Everything you need to know about your new lamp is right there on the side of the box.